Do You Have Eyes in the Back of Your Head?

teendrivers on July 13th, 2010 1 Comment
Earlier this year, I spoke with a father who wanted GPS tracking for his daughter.
The parents traveled a fair amount and had to leave their senior in high school at home expecting her to attend classes and do the things that teen girls should do.
I guess dad remembered his teen years and realized that even “good” kids can go a little wild.  Considering the fact that automobile accidents are the number 1 cause of deaths for teens in America,  he was almost assuredly right in thinking that she might be at risk.

GPS Tracking System

Anyone can do this

Dad put the GPS tracking device on his teenage daughter’s car on a Sunday.  Monday he went out of the country on business expecting his daughter to be in class.  When he logged in to the tracking system, he found something quite different.  Instead of his teen being in class, she was driving her car 250 miles outside of town!
Provided with the knowledge the GPS tracking device gave on location and speed, the parents were able to make correction to their teen’s behavior before it became more dangerous.
I love to hear stories of tragedy avoided.
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  1. Holly says:

    We saw this with our teen too. Not anymore…

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