Teen Deaths Attributed to Automobiles

Number 1 Cause of Teen Deaths

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The Centers for Disease Control in America released an article on April 26, 2010 detailing the fact that the number 1 cause of deaths in teens in America is automobile accidents.  This fact has been true for decades.

Unfortunately, the CDC only has one recommendation in their article to correct the problem.  This is Graduated Driver’s Licensing systems.  While these are very positive, they will not, on their own, provide the greatest possible measure of security and safety for teens.

It is widely known that supervised individuals, especially teens, will behave more responsibly than when left alone.  Thus, we recommend GPS tracking devices for an increased measure of teen driving safety.  When a teen driver knows that his or her parent(s) will receive an alert when they are driving too fast and can see how and when they were driving on particular roads.

Teen GPS Tracking Device

Installed Tracking Device

Dad can even get an alert when his daughter drives to “that boy’s” house!

With so much at risk, it is worth considering GPS tracking as a way to ensure the safety of your teen driver.

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