Real Tracking Testimonials from Real Parents

“My wife and I travel quite a bit and we were concerned about our daughter’s grades and a boy she had been hanging out with.  So, on a Sunday, we placed the Track What Matters tracking device on her car.  The next day, both my wife and I were on trips.  I was checking the system from Mexico City.  From my hotel that Monday, I learned that my daughter had chosen to drive 250 miles to Austin rather than attend school!  As a result, I kept the tracking device on her car until she left for college (without here car).  That little investment, and the knowledge we gained about her behavior, might have saved her life or at least improved it greatly.”
Jay, Texas
“As an outside sales representative, I am frequently driving to unfamiliar locations. Track What Matters gives my husband and me the security of him knowing my location at all times. It is a matter of comfort and safety that is extremely important to our family. When our kids are old enough to drive, each one of their vehicles will be equipped with the Track What Matters service.”
-Sylvia – outside sales rep and mother of 3

Dear Track What Matters,

We suspected speeding was an issue with our son, with the “racing attitude” among his generation. With the Track What Matters device and our premium plan, we were alerted within one minute of the violation. He exceeded our preset speed limit. Not only were we alerted, we were able to pinpoint the exact location on a map. Our son was doing 65.25 mph in our own 30 mph neighborhood at 4:35 p.m. He not only put his life in danger by speeding but also an unknown list of other lives were in danger on this school day, when kids are innocently going home.

We finally know what we did not want to know! The information provided by Track What Matters tracking device gave his father and me what we needed to know.

With TWM’s information, we now have the facts and we can correct the situation before something terrible happens. For us, it is important that our son is protected from his own actions. Without the GPS tracking device, we wouldn’t have known our son was speeding in such a dangerous location. Track What Matters has given us the knowlege to modify his behaviour before we encounter words like Vehicular Manslaughter and Jail and Ruined Lives.”

-Holly & Greg – Proactive Parents