About Teen Tracking with My Teen Matters


Distracted Driving

We started My Teen Matters with the vision to provide a higher level of service for the GPS tracking marketplace. We believe that by offering a dynamic and user-friendly Control Center, we can make GPS tracking available and useful to anyone. With My Teen Matters, you can protect, secure and monitor what is important to you.

Whether it’s a teenager who has just started to drive, a loved one that drives, or even your own vehicle, My Teen Matters can help you keep them safe. We can also help monitor an entire fleet of vehicles for businesses to help businesses cut costs and save money to increase bottom line profits. Trucking companies, taxi cabs, courier companies, delivery businesses, or any business with vehicles can benefit from the exceptional service that My Teen Matters provides.


We started My Teen Matters for many reasons, but one story that was influential in bringing our management team together was something that happened to a former employee of one of our founders:

The employee, John, had called the office in a panic saying that he had to leave the office immediately: his wife, Stacey, had gone missing. He hadn’t heard from her in more than a day. She was supposed to be at her cousin’s house that was only 2 miles from their house, but according to her sister, she had never arrived. John left the office and it wasn’t until the next day that Stacey was found. What had happened to her was this: due to some prescription drugs that she had been taking for a recent surgery, somewhere between her home and her cousin’s house, she became disoriented. So she had pulled into a parking lot to collect herself. 36 hours later, they found her in her parked car about a mile from their house, unconscious.

We started My Teen Matters for people like John and Stacey. They never expected to be in that situation, and if John had the ability at the time to locate Stacey’s vehicle, they would have been able to find her sooner. Though their story had a happy ending, it could have turned out much worse. This story is a reminder of how unpredictable driving can be. That is why we want to make available to everyone the extra security and peace of mind that they need: 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

We are excited about beginning a relationship with our customers and we pledge our complete commitment to your satisfaction and the safe tracking of your vehicles.