GPS Tracking Devices for Teens

Two GPS tracking devices are ideal to help you ensure your teen is driving safely.

  1. Instant-Install Tracking Devices
  2. Portable GPS Tracking Device

Instant-Install Tracking Device


The Instant-Install GPS tracking device for teens installs in your teen’s car using the OBD connector.  It takes seconds to plug in!

OBD GPS Tracking Device

OBD Installed Tracking Device

Friends and family don’t know about the unit.  The ideal situation is that the teen knows the tracking device exists.  When the teen knows the tracking device is installed, they are more likely to drive responsibly.  The Instant-Install GPS tracking device sits under the dashboard.

Portable Teen Tracking Device

Battery Powered Teen Tracking Device

Battery-Powered Tracking Device

The Portable Teen Tracking Device is a small, battery-operated tracking device that can be placed covertly in glove compartments, trunks, backpacks and other small spaces.  This device can operate for several days on a single charge.  The tracking device can report every few seconds or every several minutes.

Both of our teen tracking devices report their data to the My Teen Matters servers allowing parents to monitor their teen’s driving with Google Maps online.

Teen Tracking

The teen GPS tracking system allows parents to monitor speed, location, where your teen stopped and for how long.

Dad wants GPS tracking for his teenage boy

Is this a good idea?

Fleet Tracking

GPS fleet vehicle tracking from Track What Matters gives fleet managers the ability to track your entire fleet providing great savings to your business.

GPS tracking system

Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Educate yourself about trailer tracking.